Airport Parking - What You Need to Know about it

Newark Airport is known as one of the international airports that cater to different airlines all over the globe. There are different modes of transportation found near the airport, it could be in a form of buses, rail lines, shuttles, and taxis, however, most tourists prefer to drive their own car and park it in the parking space offered by the management.

There are three different terminals found in Newark Airport, these terminals provide a number of services like shopping, dining, and other travel services for people. The E-Z Way Parking areas found in this airport are divided into five different types. The following are how these parking lots are classified:

Short - Term Parking

For those who want to park their cars for a limited time only can park right across the terminals. There are assigned lots for short-term parking namely parking garage A, B and C. There is an increase of rate for every 30 minutes until it reaches the maximum rate for the day. Even if the maximum rate is cheaper compared to the hourly system still this is quite expensive if you compare it to a full daily rate, click here now !

Regular or Daily Parking

As for the daily parking, it is quite situated from a far distance thus you still need to ride an air train. You don't have to pay any amount of money for the ride since the rail line is properly connected to all terminals. The designated parking areas for this type of parking lot are P3 and P4. Since you will have to pay the parking space for the entire day, this is cheaper compared to the maximum daily rate issued on the short-term parking. But of course the cost of the per hour basis is similar and it increases in the same manner with the short term parking spaces. For more facts and information about airport parking, you can go to .
Economy/Long-term Parking

There is also what you call economy parking area. The designated parking area for this type of parking is parking area no. 6. There are free shuttles found near this lot that connects the parking space in 6 to the main airport. There is a fixed amount that one must pay for the first 24 hours if one will avail this type of parking more so after every eight hours, another fixed rate is issued. In cases wherein you need to park your vehicle for almost a month or more, you can go for Five Star Parking facility.